Dear Destiny – Daughter of the motherland,

My future betrothed, my constant joy, I have cherished the moment that I would see you. The sands of time, the waters of forever have just been a trinket of how long I have searched for you.
Love is blind, an enchantment of narnia. For till now I still wonder what you would have seen in me. Having a face that only a mother could love and not sturdy enough to be in this rodeo of love. But the Wild Horses could never drag me away from you. Starting at forever, spanning through infinity, ending at never.
For you shine with the fury of a thousand suns. With the beauty of Rwanda, humility of Uganda, shimmer of Tanzania, ambition of Kenya, ebony of Nubia, perseverance of Somalia and the heart of Africa.

I would array you in gold and finest flax, seams of silk – for you would be my crown, the glory of my youth. Adorning my soul with care and my heart with love. I would learn parkour so that no obstacle could keep us apart. Except for your parents, who would hate my guts. 

And when you will gift me with a child, the heir of my hope, she will have your smile. With the freckles round your eyes, the flakes kissing your chin, and charity within. And at twilight when you nurse, I will sit up with you, and feed you pickles, let your head rest on my shoulder, with your hair draping my chest, like a Stallion’s mane. 
I will not wipe away your tears, but will carry them in my hands, dab them with my scarf – Oh these precious crystals forged by the fires of your soul! Then I would kiss your forehead and promise you that it would get better, and hung a scarlet crimson flower over your ear. 

I would never utter sweet nothings into your ears. Instead I would recreate everything you ever hoped and wished for. And somewhere over the rainbow, we would have a home just for two, where we would eat croissants and cheese fondue. Watching unicorns leap over Sagittarius, as Cupid fires arrows through our hearts. And the wild horses, could never drag me away from you

I would build a log cabin for you, that overlooks the pristine canopies of pine and cedar – where you could perch your legs and lie awake, listening to the sounds of Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton. And each morning as you go out,  Andrea Bocelli would chime in my heart – a time to say goodbye. 

For a dried quill and a heavy heart, I conclude my thoughts. Knowing that soon, I am to set sail with you, into infinity and beyond.

Truly yours

A Lovestruck Esquire


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